Sony DVD 7700 or Sony 9000es?

I want to upgrade my DVD player, Which of the two DVD players is the better one?

The Sony DVD 7700 or the Sony 9000es? and why?

Thanks for you're help.

I like the 7700 so much I've purchased 3!!!Built like a tank, tracks everything, great picture ,superb Dacs!I don't need SACD and the Line Doubler in my Mitsu widesceen is as good as progressive scan to my eyes.The 7700 has an icon controller on the front panel(missing on the 9000 ES).The 9000 ES is a lightweight!

I believe the Sony 9000ES is the best they make. True 3-2 pulldown progressive scan, SACD, two sets of outputs, excellent looking...with some mods it can be quite excellent for CD too. I own one.
I agree with Argent the Sony S9000ES is better than the 7700 almost anyway you look at it.
The two big advantages of the S9000ES are Progressive Scanning and SACD. It is a generation ahead of the 7700.
Enough said.

I'm assuming this going to be in an audio/video system... I have a 7700, (I upgraded from the 7000).
My monitor is a 4 year old Proton, without progressive scan or component video input. The 7700 looks great S/VHS into my Proton.
Now my local dealer is selling their demo 9000es. Do I buy
it, anticipating a better (HDTV) monitor soon? I haven't decided, but I like the 7700 so much, I won't sell it. I'll
put it in a second video system if need be..

P.S. my dealer replaced their 9000es with a just out progressive scan Toshiba ($300.00 retail!) that has a picture 95% as good as the 9000es...
But it's sure not built like the top Sonys.

I'm an audiophile first, my 2 channel system gets priority, components get upgraded & some old ones get sent to my A/V system.
Having had a 7000, 7700, and now a 9000. I can say without a doubt, the 9000 is much better in everyway. I am not sure how anyone can call the 9000es a lightweight (physically or metaphorically), as it is a very good performing, well-built unit.

To be quite honest, I think the 7000 sounded better than the 7700. I went to the 7700 for the DTS, and I still feel I gave up the better unit on that deal. I have had other manufactures' DVD players in my system, and the 9000 held its own with any of them up to about $4500. BTW, it was its audio, not its video that was bested. Best Regards, Aaron
Just a quick question for the group -- does the 9000ES offer multi-channel SACD audio and has anyone tried it? It looks like it does from what I can tell on the Sony website. These companies ought to make some of the main features of their products more clear.
Unless there has been an upgrade I don't believe the 9000ES offers multichannel SACD. I also must reply to the statement above, the 9000ES is no lightweight. Every review I've read the reviewer loved it. I believe it was even listed for the Editor's choice award in SGTHT. I say get the 9000ES if you want one of the best DVD players made.

My latest "Ultimate Electronics" flyer says the 9000ES is Stereo SACD. There is a new model DVD/SACD player, the DVPNS900V, it retails for $999.95 & includes multi channel SACD.
I beleive you downgraded when you went from a 7000 to a 7700 as the picture and cd sound quality were better on the 7000.Having said that...the 9000 es is better sounding on cd,sacd sounds better than 2k cd only units,and if you can take advantage of the progressive scan on the 9000,you will have a much better picture.The 9000 has 2 channel sacd only but the new dvp-ns900v has multi channel sacd and progressive scan as noted by danielk141.
I own the 7700 and I have compared the 9000 and the 7000 to it and common sense dictates the following:
1. If there is any difference (video) in them it is slight. They are all very, very good. Anybody who owns any of them should consider the cost (considerable) against the perceived advantage (slight) in "upgrading".
2. I have heard 2-channel sacd's and multichannel sacd's and dvd-audio and an inexpensive ($400) multichannel sacd or dvd-audio is a better value than megabucks for 2-channel.
3. The future of progressive scan seems to be headed for 720p and beyond. A good scaler would be a better buy than the 9000 for less money (look at MSB's progressive scan/scaler upgrade for the 7700/7000 which offers 480p to 960p! for $899 installed)
Bottom line - keep the 7700, put your money elsewhere or wait for future trends.
Anybody who doesn't own the 7000, 7700, or 9000 can eat their hearts out or buy ANY of the above and be happy.
I am looking at the Sony 9000es and/or for a few more $$ ,v the California Audio 2500 is an option. Any comments on comparing these two units?