Sony CDP-Xa7es vs newer Sony CD/SACD players?

I have been reading alot lately about Sonys older and VERY IMPRESSIVE dedicated flagship cd player: The CDP-Xa7es.
I read that it was probably the best dedicated cd player ever built by Sony.
I was just wondering how the newer Sony CD/SACD players such as the SCD-1, SCD-777ES, SCD-XA9000es, etc., compare to the older dedicated CDP-Xa7es on Redbook CD?
How well does it compare to newer cd players such as Arcam, Rega, Ayre, Cambridge Audio, etc?
the SCD-1 betters the Xa7ES. I had both for a few years. the S9000es also betters the xa7, though less so. Still, the Xa7 is a superb player and has a lot going for it, but if you can swing the SCD-1, ultimately it's a better choice (plus plays SACDs).
If you're only going to us it for redbook though, there's not as much reason to jump to the SCD 1. The SCD 777es is a lot cheaper than the SCD 1 and used only for redbook I don't know that you'd hear any difference.

If the SCD 1 was 50% better than the XA7es, how much more would it be worth to you?

The SCD 1 and the SCD 777es were both HIGHLY rated when they came out, as was the XA7es. I don't know that you'd be making a sonic faux pax by going with any of them, based on a good price...