Sony CDP-XA7ES vs CEC TL-1 transport

I'm using CEC TL-1 transport for about a year but get tired of it's inability to read all types of CDs. So I'm looking for a replacement. Something not very expensive - about 1000-1500 USD. The first candidate is Sony CDP-XA7ES. Any thought about this unit?

which types of discs is your CEC refusing to read?
You CEC is now over 10 years old, and a very nice transport, it could be the laser is getting tired.
The laser is cheap, and if your handy, easy to change.
The TL-1 uses a Sanyo SF-90 laser, very cheap, I would change it first for this small outlay.

Cheers George
I will try to replace the laser but according to the previous owner the full inspection was done about a year ago... Right now this CEC somitime doesn't ready even original CD. Not talking about disks produced for local Russian market or CD-Rs...
One more thing - I want to replace CEC with a front loading transport. Because after buying a vinyl player there is not much space for a top loading device...
Finally got a replacement - Esoteric P2s.  Absolutely different transports - cec seems to be more detailed but esoteric has better bass...
After a week with Esoteric decided to return it back. Still searching for an equal replacement for CEC)
alex_bolotnikov OP
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08-10-2016 3:34pm
After a week with Esoteric decided to return it back. Still searching for an equal replacement for CEC)
i've heard this is a lot re. Esoteric players......
I like Esoteric spinners for SACD only playback.
Thanks! for the update- Alex.
I n terms of musical sound quality, involvement and natural presentation I'd  rank in this order. Based on my listening encounters with them.
1. PS Audio PWT this is a superb sounding  transport, and if  bought used it is a terrific value.
2 CEC TL-1  very good sound but my friend's unit had the same CD reading issue as you mentioned.
3 Esoteric well built and universally praised for detailed sound character.
In my opinion less musically/emotionally engaging. More hifi sound character.
I recently heard the ps audio transport and then we replaced it with an old Cec 5100 transport.  The Cec was much more musical and natural sounding. The ps audio sounded one dimensional by comparison so make sure your try something in your system first.  Happy listening.
Good advice from Bigkidz to try before you buy if possible as different ears and systems yield varying results.  The PS Audio PWT was better in overall musicality than the CECT TL-1 directly compared in a friend's system.  Different people will hear different things,  no surprise. The PWT is organic and very 3 dimensional in my system as well as my above mentioned friend. 
Sony CDP-XA7ES. This one brings fond memories. I used to own one about 13 to 14 years ago and you are considering one now.

It is surely a wonderful unit but due to age, I would be wary. The thing is built like a brick and the sliding drawer is solid and slick in its operation. The main concern with very old CD players is reliability. I would pick a top-loader instead of a sliding one if you are going for used units more than 10 years old.
Thank you all for the replies! I've ordered a new laser for my TL-1. Will try to replace it first.
Need to say that with the new laser my CEC has no problems with discs now! Cheap and very easy to replace) Interesting that the new laser mechanism has a metal body while the old one is made of plastic...

Btw what grease should I use for laser's rails and for plastic gears?
That is good news Alex and I hope you have many happy years with your CECT transport. 
@alex_bolotnikov Alex, do you still own CEC or moved somewhere?
Looking at TL1 or Esoteric P0: lots of thought. On one hand, we have completely analogue sound, while countless reliability issues, on the other hand, a deep, transparent and sharp sound of the finest and most reliable transport on the market ever made. Just sold my TL3 3.0... looking for other options.