Last week, I bought a Sony CDP XA7ES, After operation several hour, I find the playing CD are very hot, I think there are some people had experience about the Sony CDP XA7ES, Pls tell me is All the Sony XA7ES are same the CD is very hot when continous playing several hours?
Yup. I find that too. The CD puck gets a little warm. If you have not already done so, try the player through it's variable outs. Very nice.
yes, the sony is very hot. do not worry, it is normal.
Yes I've noticed that the player and the disc get warm after about 2 hours of continuous use. I don't leave anything (CDs, magazines, etc.) on top of the player. Good ventilation helps.
This is normal for an XA7ES. Be sure that it has good venihation though. CD's, even CD-R's will not be affected by this level of heat.
My XA7ES is warm a after a few hours of operation but certainly not hot.  That seems unusual for sure.