Sony CDP-X7esd CD Player Remote

Recently purchased and re-furbished a Sony CDP-X7esd CD player that did not have its remote control. Does anyone here know what the specific model number of the remote that should go with this player OR are all the sony remotes somewhat interchangeable and if this is the case what would someone recommend as one to seek out for this purpose. This is a single CD play unit. Thanks.
All Sony remotes work with any Sony Cd or SACD player. Some players have special features, and thus some remotes may not run every feature.
Also Sony has a system of two separate remote codes, with a switch on the remote and the player, in the better players and thier remotes. But any remote will work with code set one.
I use a bunch of Sony Cd machines, and know.
Also, all universal remotes have the Sony CD player codes.
Those are as cheap as $29.
Thanks for the valuable info, I will not sweat it anymore but will look for any remote for a single player. Don't need to access any special features - just want it to play, stop, pause etc. Thanks again.