Sony CDP X77ES- Sled sticking

I have an occasional problem with my cd transport. After loading a disk and pressing the button to insert the sled, nothing happens. If I lightly touch the sled it moves into place immediately. I can hear the motor when I press the button, but maybe 1 out of 6 times it goes nowhere until touched/tapped.
Also, this unit being 15 years old, should I be looking for a spare laser? I really love the sound and operation of the unit and am not in anyway looking to replace it but would like to keep it as long as possible. Is it worth doing any mods on these older units? I love this old tank but I don't see as many as I used to, I always figured I would just buy another if anything happened to this one. I would love to hear from some of you guys that are have had and enjoyed these units.
I had the same problem with a Toshiba DVD player. I tried grafite and no deal. I think once the motor starts going you better start looking at something else. This is just my opinion, and I'm sure their are others here that might have a better solution to your problem.
You can try & lube the sled rails with some graphite.... forget about a spare laser block for this unit as they are long gone & not available anywhere. All the older X series X77, X777, X779 etc... replacement laser blocks are no where to be found. No reason to even look as I as well as others have investigated this issue thoroughly. I have a X77Es & X777Es and they are still operating flawlessly but at some point all good things come to an end.
I thought I read that the lasers were a tough find a few years ago. Too bad. I don't think this is a motor issue, it seem to be running fine, is there a belt that moves the sled in and out? It seems as though a belt may be slipping somewhere.
If you are talking about the drawer sticking it is an easy fix. You don't need a laser assembly. It's been a long while since I fixed one of mine. But, as I recall the drawer is operated with a cable/pulley setup. It may even be string that goes around the pulleys. Once you take the lid off, you should be able to tell if you can tighten the drive cable. I wish my memory of this were better.
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hi, i have the same model and i face the same symptom also i send it to the workshop to fixes it what did they do just they clean the switch how response to open and close the tray and they change the belt after this it work perfectly