Sony CA9ES CD Player

Got a chance to get one of these dirt cheap. Anyone know what the MSRP was on it? Also of what audiophile quality is it using the A,B,C,D class scale.

List price $700.00
A+ Bass
A- Treble
Just on the warm side of neutral, smooth yet detailed. Very good DAC for its day.
MSRP $700. What audiophile quality ??? Depends on the annual income of the person doing the commenting. I would guess C as a standalone.
Hmmm- One guy is at A+- the other at C. I guess it is the old saying " Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder " Consider 90% of the public can't even afford a $700 cd player. I guess at $50 though it is a steal!

If it had the wood sides like my 707ESD it would be a cool +++ no matter how it sounded.
I own it's little brother, the CA8ES, which I bought from the late great Gene Cavanaugh (Record Shop, Cherry Hill NJ) back in the summer of 1995. The player has given me trouble-free operation since then and it still sounds wonderful. Just for fun, I tested it against my Rotel RCD-1072 and it killed the Rotel. The detail on the Sony is unbelievable. I can't believe a changer has lasted me 17 years of continuous operation, but it has. I think that goes to show just how good the old Sony ES stuff used to be. I highly recommend the CA-ES.