Sony C333ES not working ... worth fixing/selling or recycle it??

This is an oldie (15yrs) but a goodie, manufactured when Sony overbuilt their ES line of gear.  Had been lightly used in the nursing home I work for until recently when the drawer stopped opening with CD's still trapped inside.

I live in an area devoid of repair shops except one who will charge $75 just to look at it.  The nursing home ordered a new Onkyo player to replace this one so now I need to decide whether to sell it or recycle it.  Is there still a market for a player this old?  In particular one that does not work?? 

Also I see no way to get the CDs out of the player without completely dismantling it ... removing the top cover does NOT give access to the tray.  If anyone has a tip there I would appreciate it (the CDs most likely suck so it would not be a crime to lose them).



I did not think that the drive/laser assembly for the C333ES & C555ES spinners were still avail?  Keep me posted on your decision.
Not sure about the laser assembly availability but that DID work fine.  Some of the modifiers of these pieces MAY still have a stock of those parts. I assume it is just the drawer mechanism that somehow failed on this one but no way to tell for sure.  I will probably just post on eBay for parts as the listing fee would eat up proceeds from the sale if I posted on AudiogoN.  Any proceeds would belong to the facility so it goes to a good cause as we are a 501(c)3 facility. 
Selling for parts is a great idea! Happy Listening.