SONY Blu Ray player as CD transport?

The three entry level SONY BD's play SACD's and has stereo analog outs (I do not use surround). I have a seven year old elite receiver. would the SONY BD be a suitable CD transport? Would the SONY DAC be an improvement over a 7 year old elite receiver DAC? Would I probably not hear any difference?
sort of depends what DAC your receiver has. another option is to go with a ps3 and run it bit direct to your receiver. some of the pioneers run the wolfson dac and thats pretty good. could always go with a new cheaper dac like a v-dav or dac magic if you think it will be better. i suspect you willbe able to beat the dac in a entry level player pretty easily now days.
I often wonder if some of the outboard DACs are really just hype. I'm sure the higher end Benchmarks, Apogees, etc make a difference. But among the lower priced units, is the positive reaction possibly related to the output levels between the source unit vs the going through the DAC?
I think I will purchase the SONY and then A/B with my Elite universal player using the analog outs.