Sony Blu-Ray dvd players at Costco for $109

A heads up for all users on a great buy. Costco has an instore discount sale going on through tomorrow on Sony Blu-Ray DVD players. Regularly $179, Sony is offering a $70 discount bringing the purchase price to $109. The limit is 2 players per person. It does blu-ray just great.
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I got the Panasonic one for about $ 120 a couple of months ago there and it works fine also. Have two Panny plasmas so went with it instead of Sony. Got both my TVs there , they give an extended warranty and have good prices on many things.
Good marketing. Way to go Sony!
Remeber that Sony's studio arm own a giant catalog of movie titles. Their DVD sales are dying. They're pricing BR players very aggressively in order to spur re-purchases of old titles on the new format. The PS3 has long been sold with a subsidy because it will move games and movies.

By all means, take advantage.


PS My info source is a neighbor who is head of Int'l Sales for Sony's BR Division.
It was the BDP-BX2. Just entry level but can't complain for that price. That's funny, when BR first hit the shores folks here would have been all over themselves for a player at that price, now it's cynic central, LOL! I've no connection with Sony in the least but I'm always willin' to pass along a good buy for fellow AGer's..Enjoy!