Sony BDP-S1 Blu ray player

Just purchased a preowned Sony BDP S1 Blu ray player as a back up spare unit. It's about 7 years old but works flawlessly except for the digital audio out circuit. No matter what I do or what settings I select in the setup, it simply will not put out a signal. Anyone have any ideas what I'm missing here? My AVR is a Rotel RSX-1057. I did order a firmware upgrade DVD from Sony which should be here in about a week thinking maybe it's a compatibility problem with Dolby Digital, DTS, etc. But I really think the circuit is not on. I did have an online chat with a Sony tech but to no avail. Thanks.
I have had this problem...years ago...i think i needed the remote to do something on the screen options about allowing the digital out to activate, or something. Otherwise the default is that it was off. Sorry i cannot be more helpful...this is going back 5-6 years ago and it only happened once. once it was turned on, it was never a problem after that.
Wait for the firmware update. I still use this player at times, and after updating, have no issues. Updates solve most issues IME.
Many thanks. The unit is actually about 6 years old. I was off a year. But anyway, perhaps the upgrade DVD will take care of it. In the on screen display and setup for audio, I regret there is no option for turning on the digital out circuit but just the settings (i.e. dolby digital, dts, dts downmix, etc). I wish there was an option for that. Thanks.
Folks, just thought you'd be interested to know that the firmware DVD was never shipped. The total incompetent staff at Sony Customer Relations couldn't tell me when the order was or will be shipped, no tracking #, etc. They did charge my credit card and assigned an ID event # but that's about all they did.

After about 6 seperate phone calls resulting in a total waste of time, I finally got to the right person and insisted on a refund. I'm being sent a check for $6.50 in 6 weeks !! Can you believe this absolute nonsense and total incompetence? Don't bother ordering any firmware update DVDs from Sony. What a joke.
If you go to Sonystyle, you can download the firmware update and burn your own copy. That's how I did mine. Click the online support tab, and work your way through it. It's still on there, I just checked.


Thanks. I actually tried that first a number of times and do have a DVD burner but it just simply wouldn't work on two different PCs. I can't explain it but I did try that first. It wouldn't recognize the drive of my DVD writer drive when it was ready to copy. This entire experience was a total waste of time. But thanks for the recommendation.
I remember having an issue burning one the first time I tried also. I can't promise I can get it again either, but I'll try. If you shoot me your mailing address, I'll see if I can get one, and send it out to you. If not, I'm a Sony dealer, so, maybe I can get our rep to send me one. You can reach me at zydo1966 at yahoo dot com.
Zydo, many thanks for the offer. I'll send you an e-mail.