Sony BDP 350 vs BDP 550

What are the differences besides the prices increase ? Will I get better image and sound with the BDP 550 ?
Anolog outputs on the 550. May have other upgrades that I don't know about. I was told the video is the same.

I would go on they have complete comparison charts for these players.
internal decoding. not sure if the 350 does or not. I bought the 550. Great sound and very good picture.
BDP 350 is a profile one blue ray player and also it only decodes DTS but not DTS HD Master Audio so you cannot play bonus tracks on some blue rays.

BDP 550 is profile 2 blue ray so it has DTS HDMA decoding.
so Go for the 550.
If you don't need internal decoding of DTS HDMA go with the 350. It bitstreams all codecs.