Sony A2000 v XBR

I know this should be at AVS, but I can't recall my ID or password, and my ISP has changed since I last logged in, so I can't get online help from AVS. A classic catch 22: They will send info by email, but you can't change your email address without loggin in.

Are there any video differences between the 60" Sony A2000 & XBR? The obvious differences are cable card ready, split screen, and speakers to the side rather than under the screen. Given that my video sources will be a DirectTV HDTV/TiVo unit and a Sony 9100ES DVD player, both via HDMI, neither cable card and split screen are applicable. I use a 36 XBR now, but that's irrelavant to the query.

While you may not be able to start a thread---you can sure read tons of posts;esp. on the A2000.There should be 1/2 a days' reading,and you'll find everything you want to know.