Sony 9000es with DAC annoying lock/unlock

I just discovered that my Sony 9000es is a great transport used with an outboard Dac for CD BUT... whenever you eject the CD and insert a new one, it causes the Dac to click on off a couple of times. Is there any ajdustment or setting so that it will emit a constant signal as most dedicated transports do? I'm afraid the on/off signal will wear out my dac. Thanks.
I used a 9000es like that for a while and I don't recall what the button is called, but you can press a button on the unit when there is no disc playing(i.e. it can NOT be done on the fly). The button is really small and hard to press but it will keep the unit locked in what ever output configuration you like. Wish I could be more help, but just remember you still have a 5 year waranty with it so you sould be fine- sony is known for there reliabilty. BTW I couldn't figure out how to operate that function from the remote, that unit does so much stuff- you could read the instruction manual over and over and find new bells and whistles every time!
Mine does the exact same thing. For DVD playback, I use the 5.1 downmix to 2 channel feature which sends a 48/16 signal to the DAC. Redbook CD playback sends a 44.1/16 signal, and of course no SACD digital is output, period. Since I have no SACD collection, I do not use the analog audio outputs at all. I will research the large owners manual tonight and get back to you. I agree, this is somewhat annoying.
Both -
Thanks but if you can't find anything it's not critical. At first I thought I would use the 9000 as transport but now I've decided I like my old other transport (a Proceed) for 2-channel and keep the 9000 just for DVD viewing. I like the downmixing suggestion too.