Sony 9000es vs my old marantz cd63?

Will the sony sound much better on regular CD's than my marantz does? I'm trying to kill to birds with one stone. I want a DVD player and a new CD player. I only want one unit and $1500 is my budget max. Thanks, Dave
I do not know about the Marantz. I know that my S9000ES has significantly better CD and DVD sound than my Sony 300 (orignal cost $500), Panasonic A7 ($500), JVC723GD ($600), and Sony 550 (I think my son paid $500). Others have reported it better than the Sony 7000 and Sony 7700--two highly regarded players.

I bought mine for $1300 locally because I wanted the 30 day trial period. It was worth $200 for me to try it out. You can buy mail order and get it for around $1,100. Look at the reviews on to see where people have bought their players and for what price.
no comparison, sony way better than most super hi end models, only thing better levinson 360s dodson elgar etc for way more money dvd picture quality best ive seen on my system
Yes the 9000 is a lot better than the marantz,even before the required 200 hours of break in.This player would sound superior to the marantz out of the box and is a no brainer. I would go as far as saying it is the best purchase of audio or video gear i have ever made and is a steal at list.I ended up buying mine at discount for 1050.00 after researching all the reveiws i could find, and there are many.