Sony 9000es question

I recently purchased this unit and wondering is the front display is it suppose to lit?..the blue center light is not on and the indicators for SACD,Video etc,etc. is also not lit,even with the proper source SACD,DVD..etc..
The blue light, and track display, is controlled by "FL ON/OFF" (Front Lights) button on the remote control. The other lights are described in the owners book.
There are several configurations for the display and blue light. There is one that will eluminate the display and/or blue light so that they shutdown about 10 seconds after a function has been performed.

With this and a few other configurations, (like audio only mode), you should notice a very worthwhile improvement in sonics.

anyone has a manual I could purhcase or download?....thanks
This may be a silly question, but why didn't it have an owners manual with it when you bought it. I would go back to the dealer and make him cough one up.
It was a used unit,the seller lost the manual...