Sony 9000ES or DVP S7700 as transport?

I have the 9000ES in my 2nd system and happy with it for the times that I use it as transport as I am mostly streaming all my music. For the 3rd system I may try out a CD once in a long while. Which one is better for CD playback via coax? I have no SACDs anymore.
I've never compared them directly myself, but the S7700 was known for being an excellent CD transport when connected to an external DAC.
Thanks, I am trying to look for a smaller unit than the 9000ES that would be an easier fit between the bookshelves

which 9000ES do you own?
There was the DVP-9000ES then the XA-9000ES ?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
/Jafant: it is the DVP-9000ES, bought more than a decade ago as SACD/CD player for the main system and relegated to the second system as transport.
I have been strongly considering picking up one of the DVP-9000ES spinners for a SACD player only. I wonder how well it holds up against the 5400ES ?

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!