Sony 9000es modwright mods, what do you folks think?

Hello, I am scheduled to have a level III upgrade done to my player along with some other things. Including instalation of true balanced ciruit, and step attenuator installed and maybe some other things. Just curious what folks think that have the mods done to there unit? any regrets? anything particularly important to get done?
Tireguy, I just got my heavily modded 9000ES back from Dan Wright. Initially, it didn't show the kind of improvement I had hoped for, but after about 20 hours of play time, it has improved immensely. It is now blowing away my Classe' DAC-1, and seems to be getting better every day. I HIGHLY recomend Dan's work. He really cares about what he's doing and it shows. BTW, I went with the Level III mods, along with Audiocom Q-Power regulators (4), and Bybee filters (9).
I'm about to start running the unit through a Placette Passive Linestage, which should allow the 9000 to really show its stuff. FYI, I'm using a Classe' CA-300 to drive Spendor SP1/2E's (also with two Velodyne ULD-15 II subs). The sound is absolutely involving. You won't be sorry for dealing with Dan. He's top notch, and I'm sure you will be happy with the mod--just give it time to burn in. Tim K.
Hi Scuba. What is the cost for the level 3 mods? Bybee filers, 9? Audiocom Q-Power regulators?
Mikeg, the Level III mods from Modwright are $800, the Bybees are $80 each (installed), and the regulators are $60 each. In my opinion, these mods are well worth the cost. I now have an outstanding CD, SACD, and DVD player--all in one box. I am very pleased with the work done by Dan Wright. I suggest you visit his website: It has more information on the various mods available and their respective costs. Good luck!
Thanks Scuba, nice to get a little bit of 'in the field' news, sounds like we are doing similar things, I am looking forward to it.