Sony 9000es modwright

I keep reading that the Sony 9000es modwright especially
if you go all the way, meaning get all the options
available from level 1 to level 3 and so on.Fellow Agoners
those of you, who modified from level three and up to
the refence mod, What do you think? How good this will
compare to the nuvista musical fidelity cd player,or any
tube or ss cd player.Iam very intersted because I am looking
for a nice tube cd player.It also happen I have the Sony9000
Thank you in advance.I like full richer,holographic sound,
neutral, with weight warm, I play all kinds of music, jazz
classical,country,gospel,pop,r&b. I use audio art pre amp,
and oddyssey monos extreme, and egglestons andra speakers.
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Funny you'd ask. I just, today, received an E-mail from a Sony 9000ES player, who auditioned a stock Jolida 100.

He said, "I have the sony 9000ES, but when I heard the Jolida
Jd 100, It sound so live, I think its better than
Sony... Honestly I felt the band is in the room."
the sony 9000es player sounds much better when you get it modified. I visited modwrights house and listened to the different levels of modifications, very impressive. I personally thought that the modified 9000es sounded much better in cd playback than a standard scd-1 or the 777es model.

You listened to the different levels of modified product, compared to the stock?

I other words, was there a stock 9000es there?

I'de be VERY curious as to what you thought re: the different versions:

How the lower level modification sounded compared to stock, and if you think that, perhaps the cheapest level is not worth getting, or maybe it is, and the second tier is not a good value, etc. Basically anything regarding how the different levels of modification compared to one another, and also, when did it begin to sound better in CD mode vs teh other SOny players you mentioned?

This is slightly off topic, but still relates to the 9000ES. Is anyone aware of modifications to maximize the unit's video capabilities?


Your best bet for video is adding a PSM-1 scaler (by cinematrix) internally inside the unit.

The PSM-1 takes the raw MPEG data from your DVD and scales it while in digital domain to the native resolution of your display- before it gets converted to analog video.
> I visited modwrights house and listened to the different levels of modifications, very impressive.

It happen that I have 9000Es too, not pleased with it sound though. Where is this modwright house located ?
I would like to here if moded SONY is really better (listenable) ?
Where is this modwright house located ?

Portland, Oregon.

That would be a bit far from Puerto Rico or halve the world circunference... (:^(

Yeah, but what an awesome trip for Dan to take to Puerto Rico so you could hear his work!
Or Dan could do the mod for me, ship it to Dallas and I could call Puerto Rico and tell the guy how great it sounds!
Or maybe you should know that I knew Danny Boy several years ago, even before he start working as a pro modifier full time. The world is very small ( smaller than my PR..). NAD C540 was fully modified by Daniel and YES...both are invited to my island , I can peek you at the airpot , show you around (where the audio store and cute ladies are) ...BUT, you pay your flight tickets (:^)



Albert...the psychic' is from PR too.