Sony 9000ES better CD/SACD than 999ES

is the 9000es still a much better cd and SACD player than the new 999es? i tend to me more critical when it comes to music than video. but how much better, if any, is the 999es video playback over the 9000es?

thanks in advance for any help here.
General rule of thumb--9000ES if you'll be doing 2-channel listening, 999 if you'll be using a 5.1 setup.
5.1 would be nice, but i prefer 2 channel, especially if the 9000ES is noticably better in 2-ch over the 999ES. if it's not much of a difference then it would seem best to go with the 999ES.
The 9000es is better built and has better SACD playback. CD playback was good with the 9000 but not great. Same for the 999 although it could actually be not as good(I didn't spend a lot of time listening to cd's.) I prefer a separate cd player.
Video is equal to or a slight edge to the 999. So, if I was interested in SACD go for the 9000es otherwise the 999 is as good or better in the other facets. The 999es is certainly not the over achiever and over built like the 9000es is however.
what about modding the 999es from modwright? how good are those improvements?
One of my buddies has a 9000 that he modified and is in love with. From what i can gather, these machines respond phenomenally well to mods, so you might want to keep that in mind. Since you are always better off starting with a good basic design and upgrading / modifying from there, the general consensus is that the 9000 is better built making it a better platform for modifications than what the 999 would offer. Sean
i talked to Dan from Modwright and he mentioned the 999ES has better electronics but stock the 9000 is better, but with the basic mod on the 999, it will outperform the 9000 with level 2 mods. interesting....
I had them both but I sold the 9000ES. I use the 999ES exclusively for video and prefered it over the other. At one time I did use the SACD on the 9000 until I got my present digital.
did you compare them for CD sound quality?
I have/had both. Both are really good players, but no matter how good the 9000 is, it does not play CD-R cd's & that is bad. I am not a music pirate, but if you have a few home made compilations or copies, forget about playing them. So the 999 was the clear winner for my requirements, & I am quite happy with it.
i have 9000es and would like to tell you that its CD quality is not that good at all.

it's dry, lifeless and boring.

its SACD is quite qood though.
Kray, if you will spend $1700 Dan (Modwright) will make
the 9000es at least 5k cdp,you will get holographic sound,
pure music,How do I know, I have one,it is the tube stage
the DAC upgrade, the volumec control , that will make all the differrence,I have posted here about this mod.
My stock 9000es sounds really awful (as SACD/CD does not matter) with comparison to old Arcam CD, I would not have courage to put $1700 to make it sound right. I believe that for ($2500 = 900ES+$1700) I can buy cdp far beyond squared(super-extra) modified SONY. There is so much to choose from. But this is belief of discourage owner not a fact.
Sorlowski and other fellow A'goners:
The math tells us quite a bit and I agree that having that much money to make it sound right is a no-no if you can not really gage the investment vs the final quality of sound.
I really would like to invest in a DVD player with very good redbook sound though an this thread has made me re- evaluate the 9000es option i have been considering.
Any further comments
I am really impressed with the presentation of my Modwright Sony ns999es. I ordered what he considered was the max, and I do not regret the price. In my system, there is more to it than my EMC-1 24/192. They are using identical interconnects and set up identically except they have two different Elrod cords (which I alternate).

I really believe in modified players now. I will probably limit my future player purchases to those units that can be modified by aftermarket giants, such as Dan.

Does anyone with a track history modify a Lexicon mc-12B? I want to improve my HT.
I also owned a Modwright Signature modified 999ES and an EMC-1 UP simultaneously. My A/B comparison resulted in the 999ES delivering deeper bass, with the EMC delivering more detail overall. Soundstage was very close in comparison. I've often wished I had kept both (I kept the EMC 1-UP). What is your opinion regarding the two?
Would you mind sharing the total cost for the 999 modified, if you rather e-mail me directly I don't mind
Dear Tvad & Sol322:

I purchased a Demo/used Sony 999es with the signature truth mods, amp direct mod, Auricaps and tantalum resistors, black gates, upgraded FRED rectifiers, Electraprint transformer and choke, Super Regulator, analog Bybee filters, digital out Bybee filter, upgraded digital out RCA jack, Bybees on AC power, ERS paper, and multi channel op-amps. There might be a few other things, but this listing above is based upon the ModWright receipt.

The Sony was a recent purchase and perhaps it is slightly different than the unit you had purchased, Tvad. I agree about the Sony having the deeper bass response. I felt the output in midrange had a more liquid presentation than the EMC-1. The EMC-1 was just a little leaner. I output the Sony Audio DRC to wide and 24/96. The wide made the most difference. I am going to try and keep both of my players for a while, but if I sell, the EMC-1 will probably go first. The noise floor of the Sony competes with the xlr on the EMC-1, but I compared the two using RCA’s.

I am still using the clsIIz electrostats with Krell monos. My stereo is more resolving than its components normally present themselves in other listeners’ systems because I spent so much more on power, power cords, interconnects, and isolation relative to the price of the components I play. I spend a lot on tweaks. The speakers really reveal just about every little nuance at moderate volume up to about 89db or so. I often play late at night and this volume is really enough in a quiet house. In a dynamic speaker rig, I think the Sony would REALLY ROCK OUT.

I found the Sony ModWright to be a very fair value and I think I paid list for the entire project. In my porposal to Dan, I simply asked him to build it with everything he thought was worthwhile at the “going rate”. I did a lot of negotiation and discussion by email and I found that very convenient. A phone call to Dan helped him understand that I trusted his judgement and that I wouldn’t compromise him later for “carte blanche”.

The total price including the Sony is still less than what I could sell the EMC for “used” and that alone tells me I got a good deal when they sound so close in quality. In my opinion and the opinion of a few others who came over to listen, they think the ModWright Sony is really something very special. Jayctoy is right. ModWright is something very special.

I took a chance and bought this Sony thinking I would get a DVD player for the HT that could play redbook, but instead I ended up getting a new Source that holds its’ own against a more expensive player. I was a little arrogant thinking that any Source less than $5,000 list would not be up to par. Now I know about great mods and how they improve things.

I have not played the SACD yet. That will happen a little later on when the software arrives!

Yada, without hearing the sacd yet,you have not heard
anything yet,save the best for last,try to buy the
Mark Levinson sacd live recording at red rose,this sacd
upon hearing this cd, it will tell you how good is
the sony mod,Maybe if Tvad had the volume control,
I wont be surprise if He will choose the 9000es sig
mod over the EMC.I cant stop listening to my system
now,try the sacd of James Taylor very good music, and
I think for my taste the recording is good.I am glad
you are happy.
Tell you what, Jayctoy, why don't you send me your 9000ES for a week so I can put it in my system and we'll see!
Tvad, I would love to send this unit to you,but
not to have this cdp on my system for one day,
it will ruin my life, my life would be very
boring.Where do you live?If you are close enough.
I will invite you to my place,and will eat pizza,
I will even cook the best noodle,you will ever have.
I found out this player without preamp,it shines.
the preamp Iam using Art audio VP1 mark 11, and I
end up selling my GFP 750.When I hooked up the
VD nite pc and Audience pc the sony9000es, it
even went to a differrent level.Did you use both of this