Sony 9000 ES / No Video

My Sony 9000ES CD/DVD/SACD player is reading "Video Lock." My video monitor even reads "No Signal."

I've checked all connections even to the point of substituting the 9000 ES with anothe DVD player and the signal is fine. I

suspect this is simply a lock from the remote but have been unable to determine a fix. Suggestions / repair facility recommendations appreciated.
I will give it a shot,put the direct off.
When I attempt to activate or disengage "video on" from the remote, the readout states "Prohibited"
Dude: Do you have the button at the extreme right turned on?
This effectivley kills the video section of the player.
If this button is lit up, put in a cd, close the drawer, push stop (so disk doesn't play) and push the button so its light goes out.
Hope it's as simple as this...
Dweller, thanks a million man! Right you are!!! Thanks again.