Sony 808ES Integrated

I just picked up a Sony 808ES Integrated and after listening to it I am amazed at the sound that comes out of it. I sold a great integrated the Unico Unison which I loved but really needed more power for some PSB Goldi's I ended up with. I looked at the MAC 6900 and the new NAD integrated but WOW this is as good or better IMHO. I know it's hard to compare given the conditions are different.

With that said I was just curious if anyone else had experience with this integrated. It seems like a real sleeper...I love finding gear that exceeds your expectations and sets the bar for value.
Sony made some great Int. amps as well as great tuners/rec's. "Linear Legato" and esp. the int. amps which also included "ACT" are extremely musical and yes, most certainly "sleepers." (I own a few of these pieces from the 80's. One is these is a TA-AX6 Int. Amp, which preceded the "ES" line which you now own.)Still sounds great. Changed the stock spk. B binding posts to some "Superior Electric" BP-31's and this really made a very nice improvement sonically. Good listening!
I picked up an STR-DA1000ES receiver (demo) for $300 bucks just to get a taste of Dolby-digital 5.1 surround.
This little pecker sounds GREAT when decoding DVD soundtracks! It also sounds mighty good at CDs used in the "2 channel direct" mode.
I never really felt I was getting my $6000 + $6000 + $6000 + worth (ARC amp, AA speakers, ML CD player + extras) with my former system.
This Sony (along with SCD-9000ES, Thiel 1.6s and Harmonic wire) just kicks ASS!
Kotta/Dweller thanks for writing. Dweller, the 9000ES was another piece of gear that is an unbelievable value, I had one and sold it for the hype of another player that turned out to be a dud. Kotta a friend of mine (he first spoke of the 808) who has been trying to teach me that you don't have to spend alot of money to get great sound always praised the older Yamaha integrateds to, can't remember the model he said was the best. One day I will learn to trust my ears and not the price. Thanks
Patriot...its always nice to find something that sounds very good and doesnt cost a fortune...just for the record...the older Yammies are horrible...both in sound and reliability...just my .02...Sony is much better in this regard...
The ES-series from Sony, except for their tuners maybe, are excellent value. Well built, good looking and great performance IMHO. I owned a CDP-X559ES, which was built like a tank and sounded great, considering the age. It also played every disc I threw at it with confidence. So it doesn't really suprises me you like your Sony.....