Sony 777es ok to leave on?

Does anyone know if there are any spinning parts or motors that continue running if this sony is left on? I notice a definite improvement in sound after it has been on for a day or two but i'm a little concerned about the negative side effects of this. anybody?
As always, thanks in advance and a big hug goes out to the person who's been stalking me with -2/-2s everywhere i go.
As a rule, all digital components should be left on all the time. The digital converter chips need a stable thermal environment to perform their best. Regarding your Sony, no damage will occur due to you leaving on all the time.
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I leave mine on for the same reason. The only gizmo I know of with moving parts if it's left on is the average better cassette player. The motor in a casette player is running if the unit is turned on.
Onhwy61 and Elizabeth are correct. I leave mine on all the time, with only good results.
hey thanks everybody, that's what i wanted to know. and thanks for the 2/2 because the stalker struck again somewhere :)
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I notice an improvement after leaving my 9000ES on for 16 hours or more, so now I will try keeping it on for longer periods of time. Thanks. I'm still a little bit concerned about any problems developing over the long term because of the heat generated by being left on. Anyone know about that?
Bmpnyc: Does it get hot? None of the players that I own (and have owned) generate much heat at all (it's hard to feel it at all).
Dekay, it doesn't get hot, but it is definetely quite warm. Mostly at the backside, and only a little bit at the front. In my rack I have about 11/2" clearance on top, and about 1" at the bottom. Not a lot of room, but not packed in tight either. What do you think?
I have tried it both ways and with all three of the players (plus one DAC) they all sound much better after being powered up for at least three days. The sound is a bit sluggish and veiled compared to when the equipment is left on all of the time. I always turn off the tube amp when it's not in use and now turn off the SS amp as well (to conserve energy as it idles in Class A), but decided that I had to leave all of the digital stuff on all of the time because of the improvement in sound to be had. When the power situation improves in CA in the future, I will leave the SS amp on 7/24 as well (as I used to in the past). I had everthing off during a rough two week power period and really don't think that the digital stuff draws much current at all as it did not show up on the uitlity bill.
Bmpnyc, How do you like the player? I am not sure what you consider warm, but mine stays warm also. Must be normal for the player. I picked up a used Proceed DAP for cd playback....sounds pretty cool.
NM, short answer , a lot. I am still in the break in process, but out of the box the most impressive thing to me was the CD playback. We can debate the relative differences between the 9000ES to upsampled CD's, and other high end CD players all day long, but my opinion is that it offers enough of what I need from the CD format to keep me from wanting another player. I listen frequently to a friends Forsell transport through DCS gear on Vac amps through Avalon Eidelon's, and I would have no problem substituting the 9000ES and keeping the 15 Grand difference. For me it is a perfect example of the law of diminishing returns. It takes 3-10X the money to get a 2% difference in quality. I do anticipate upgrading to a multi-format version of a similar player when it can be had for the same price, (2-3 years?) For now I am consistently amazed at how close the CD playback is to the SACD playback, considering how good SACD is. Now if there were only 10,000 titles to choose from instead of a few hundred.
Bmpnyc, glad to hear you like the player. What did you think of it compared to the Pioneer player? The Sony offers a lot of bang for the buck and if I had it to do over again I would not think twice. The DAC was used, so you know how quick those prices drop, plus I can use it with the satelite so that helps justify the extra bucks. Let me know when you can convince Sony to release more titles !! Hopefully it will be something that will rock for a change.
What about leaving a player in stand-by mode...ala my (tube output) SFCD1, which still has not sold, thank God!
NM, I had the Sony 7700 DVD player just before the Pioneer DV-37, and since I use my DVD player for CD playback, the Pioneer was a welcome relief from the usual Sony digital hardness. It compared favorably with many under $1000 CD players. But, that being said the Sony 9000ES is in another league, it can hold its own compared to almost anything. Considering everything else it does well, I consider it a great value. Of course they will probably come out with a 5 channel SACD/DVD player soon, and a then will most likely follow with an SACD/DVD-A player. I only hope the CD playback remains at this level or is improved, so that I don't miss the 9000ES when upgrade time comes. Also, the lack of CD-R/CD-RW playback is a pain in the butt. I have noticed that many of the DVD-A releases are in the Rock category, and that the majority of SACD releases have been Classical/Jazz. I love my 16th century Lute CD's, Jazz Classics,and occasional Beethoven's 9th really cranked up loud, but my first love is Rock, and would certainly rather have the Stone Temple Pilots, or Chris Isaak on SACD than Jennifer Lopez, (no slight to Miss Lopez intended), so DVD-A does have one thing in their favor, more popular releases. Probably the first format to offer a Sting or Dave Matthews album will come up the winner. I wish that the Phillips player had progressive scan, 5 channel SACD and DVD-A, I would have bought one.
Ms. Lopez is anything BUT slight.