Sony 777ES digital or analog best for audio?

I have a Sony 777ES 400 disc DVD changer and am wondering if an analog connection would be best for two-channel listening? It's currently hooked up to an Arcam AVR300 via a Kimber D-60. The D-60 is connected to the AVR300's digital DVD in. Will using my Kimber Silver Streak analog cables yield me better sound for two-channel listening? Are the DACs in the 777ES better for music than the Arcam DACs that I'm assuming I'm using currently with the D-60 connection for DVD/HT?

Thanks for any input.

Who knows? But if you have the cables, why not just try it and see/hear for yourself...???
Well, my Kimber Silver Streak cables are only .5 meter and I'm going to have to do some major equipment adjusting to test them. I was actually going to get another 1 meter pair of analog cables just to A/B them. Should I stick with Silver Streak or is there another comparable cable or less($) to set my sights on? I have a .5 pair of Silver Streak and an extra (I have two) 1 meter D-60 FS or trade BTW. I'll be listing them soon. My main concern is would I gain more sound quality for music via analog or digital with my equipment?
I don't think the Sony has particularly strong redbook CD performance, but the DAC in your receiver may not be all that great either -- so you'd really need to try it. And the particular interconnects and digital cable used would definitely factor in to your impressions. I'd probably pick up a pair of SignalCable Analog Two interconnects just to try it out. I don't know that model of Kimber, but if it's silver it may be a bit on the bright side...
It is definitively worth your effort to test it out. Yes, you could pick up some Signal Cable interconnects to connect it analog, just make sure that you give it some time to solidify or "burn in" before comparison. You should also check out Aural Thrills auctions here on audiocom.. TomĀ“s cables are awesome... for very reasonable price.
Thanks for the input everyone.

So basically, I'm using the AVR300 DACs when using the D-60/DVD input and I'd be using the 777ES DACs if I connect via analog out/CD input? The Arcam won't force either connection to default to it's internal DACs?

I've found some older 1 meter Audioquest cables and I'll give it a try once I get a chance. If there is a difference (significant), what other 'under $200' new/used cable options should I look at for my Sony ES/Arcam combo?

Thanks again.