Sony 777 vs Electrocampaniat EMC-1

Which player is best for Redbook playback?
hey cyrus, you should check out:

it's a thread on the exact same topic. you can search '777es emc 1' for it as well. notice the lack of the dash for the emc-1.
so who gave me -2/-2 for the above post? that doesn't even make sense.
Kubla: obviously your critique of misspelling is now subject to rating on Audiogon. I broke my boycott and evened you out. sumflitchens'!
hey wirehead, thanks! that deserves a couple flitchens back.

however, i had only noted the lack of the dash after emc to aid in searching for the link. when i go off on someone it's usually obvious.

well, while we're here... how've you been? stop by albert's lately?