Sony 7700 play cdr's?

Will this unit play cdr's. Want to purchase for family room for both video and music. Any other units I need to look at for this price range?
I would look at the Pioneer Elite dv-05 and the dv-09 and the Panasonic H1000. All used for 6oo to 900. All are better than the Sony 7700 IMHO
Yes, the 7700 plays CDRs
I strongly disagree wtih a previous post. I owned botth the Pioneer 05 and 09. I can assure you that the DV-09 does NOT play cd r's, and is so slow at loading a disk...the Pioneer 05 will play them, but have you ever looked at this thing? It does have an ok picture and ok sound, but it is VERY noisy and at a whopping 6 pounds, as flimsey as can be. Very clunky in operation with a terrible remote, like all pioneers. The Sony is built like a tank, is very quiet,has an almost reference quality peicture, sounds superb, and is much less gimmicky in appearance. Just try lifting this thing... A true no-brainer If I ever saw one. Hope this helps.
I would look at the Panasonic H1000 for about 799 used.
Ampman is right. Neither one the dv 09 or the H1000 play cdr's.