Sony 707ES or XA7ES CDPs

Anyone compare the two CDPs? What was the outcome?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
I have heard the 707es and owned an XA7es for many years. Both are very enjoyable CD Players. I do think the edge goes to the XA7ES though as it is a joy to listen to especially using the XLR outputs. The XA7ES to this day is still an excellent player and makes an excellent transport if you upgrade to a newer technology DAC...

Anyone still using a 707ES spinner?

SONY CDP-707ESD 2 x PCM64P – CXD1144A KSS-190A

SONY CDP-X707ES 2 x CXD2562Q – CXD2567M KSS-272A

SONY CDP-XA7ES CDX2562Q 2 x CXA8042AS Fixed Pick-Up KSS-273A

If you forgot to put the D on the end of the 707 this is the one as it has the great (PCM64P) R2R Multibit dacs in it that Wadia and ML used. The other two are just Sony 1Bit (bitstream)Pulse dacs not as good as the PCM64 dacs, for redbook cd replay.

Cheers George

Cheers George.