Sony 555 vs. 333 as transport?

Whi ch is better as a transport?
Without doubt, I would go for an S9000ES. It's not what you asked, but that is my advive. T
I belive there about the same transport. I would wager that soundquality from each as a transport is probably pretty indistiguishable...but then you could buy em both and return the one that you didn't like! heck, I think "Good Guy's" electronics store sells em both, and they have a 30day money back garantee. How can you loose?
Thanks. The reason I am asking about these two SACD changers in particular is that multi-disc ability it important.
Assuming the transports are about the same, if you ever want to try multi-channel audio later, the 555 offers that capability. I just bought a 555 a few weeks ago and I am checking out multi-channel audio. Pretty impressive, but the software supply is very limited. I use the 555 in a 4.1 system.
Lee makes a good point about the multichannel SACD thing--always nice to have the capability in case it takes off and/or you get the bug.

You might want to go to and check out what Ric Schultz says about the 333 and 555. It's not much but it may be helpful. Best of luck.