Sony 5400 or DAC ?

I had an Arcam CD player i was satisfied with but it died recently.
Using a CA 650C as a transport, would I be better off buying a Rega or Arcam DAC or a used Sony 5400 ?
i would think with the precipitous decline of physical media and upsurge in computer-based audio you'd be better served with a dac than a cdp--you'll have a lot more flexibility going forward
High quality downloaded music is very, very sparse, and may never be available in the quantity of choice currently in physical formats (CD and SACD) ever.

Buy the Sony 5400 and enjoy the vast selection of music available now!
Schubert, I love my ModWright Sony 5400. The stock 5400 was really good with SACD, somewhat less with red book. I'd consider an Oppo 105, which you could later send to Dan Wright for the mods. I know your love for music. You deserve the best bang for the buck on digital, and that is ModWright. BTW, tonight I am enjoying the Haydn Op 33 quartets. What music! Gnade sei mit dir!
Never ceases to amaze me how little love Haydn gets relative to his greatness.His towering Christian Masterwork. The Creation, gets played weekly by me during Lent. One of Von Karajan's and the BPO's best efforts on DG . Having Ludwig, Wunderlich and Fisher-Dieskau as soloists does not hurt either.

Knowing the 5400 is not so good on redbook is a big help, thank you.

Gott hat dich gesegnet .