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Just purchased a Sony 40" Bravia LCD HDTV (full 1080p capable) and switched over to Verizon FIOS TV (from Comcast). I'm dissapointed in how the standard old analog channels look on the LCD panel - pixilated and not very sharp. This was true for the Comcast service too. The HDTV channels look OK. I've been though every menu and setting on both the TV and the HDTV set-top box but just can't get the "standard channels" to look very good. I'm using the HDMI connection between the box and the TV. The standard channels looked better on my 20 year old Sony CRT set than they look on the new LCD set.

Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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This is a common problem when screen pixels are fixed and don't match source signal pixels. You may need a good upscaler. I bought a Plasma EDTV for the kitchen because of this problem (downscaling is much less of a problem). In the familly room I still use 36" CRT HDTV which scales perfectly whatever the source signal.
Welcome to high def monitors, sadly it is pretty normal what you descibe, try a better power cable, better video cables and explore power helps.
Thanks for your input - I went to my dealer and got the straight scoop on current broadcast quality. Now I know why all those electronics stores have HD pictures displayed on those fancy monitors - if they displayed normal brodcast signals no one would buy them. I certaintly would have given it a second thought.

Maybe I'm old fashioned here but I still think a very high quality CRT still produces the best picture.
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