Sony 34" 16:9 HD-1 Now Obsolete or Cult Classic?

I did lots of research before buying this originally $8000 Sony TV for the deep discount of about $3700 in late 2000. While I thought the cabinet looked a bit dated and apparently the HD converter box was first generation only blah blah blah -- I thought the set was AMAZING -- especially with an HD signal pirated directly from Timewarner cable here in New York. It weighed about 2 tons and even the internal speakers sounded pretty good to my audiophile ears. I now need a new one as my girlfriend kept the TV when we split up. Am I just being sentimental or was this an unusually good TV? How about others in the 16:9 HD ready format? Is there anything better? Thank you.
Loewe Planus is a nice one. Very nice built in line doubler. Probably about 3-4k I think. Well worth it, much better looking in every regard than that Sony (which I remember seeing). Go get it back, or get the Loewe. If you have the room, nothing beats a rear-projector (DLP) for about the same $, though.

Sorry about the girlfriend--she was a keeper--in that she kept the tv. Well; there are plenty more girls-- /-- and tvs to be had. I'm with Eddie on LARGE one eyed overhead projectors. To me, BIGGER is better. BTW, that set was one of my first glimpses of HDTV. Stunning hd picture.

Go out shopping/you can maybe pick up both items you lost at the same time--yknot?
that sony is nice . i agree with projector recomendations, but not with dlp. i still think crts are the way to go. with a hdtv box they if a multiscan will do hdtv better than anything. buy a good used sony for tv then for movies get a crt with a doubler. the room needs to be dark though.