Sonus Toy Tower, Revere 2.5 or Wharfedale Jade 5?

I'm replacing old 3 way, soft dome NHT towers. I'm down to these three choices (used) with no way to audition of course. I plan to keep my Exposure 2010s2 and a powered sub and I'm not worried about the bottom octave.
Looking for a good match with tight bass (with bungs if need be) palpable voices, treble forgiving enough for the occasional pop music and decent imaging, not too forward either.
Not sure the 70w Exposure is a good match for the Jade 5, I think Monitor Audios may be too bright and Tannoys hard to find. 
I've already researched this forum and  read every review on the net. I'd like to hear of first hand experiences and the associated equipment if possible.
No responses? I'm interested in the Jade 5 pros and cons.
The SF Toy tower s a very fine speaker and cannot be beat (no pun) at its price-point. It plays well w/ tubed gear like Rogue Audio and ARC.
Always sounds excellent w/ solid-state gear to boot. Happy Listening.
I know nothing.
I wanted warm palpable mids and figured a 3-way would do it better than a 2-way. The Toy Tower's have a dedicated midrange driver that covers the whole range bet 400 hz and 4khz, and a ring tweeter like their more expensive models, gotta be the one! WRONG
In my living room, with my gear (YMMV) I could not come to terms with the Toy's voicing for several days. Fine speakers, detailed, tuneful bass but me, I don't like them.
I asked a friend I trust to audition the Venere's 2.5, which he did and thought they'd be to my liking. The 2.5 arrived a few days ago, I temporarily connected them to a mid-fi AVR for break in without setting up, amp, cables or DAC. Turned it on and yes: with the worst possible set up they hit the right buttons. It only took me 20 minutes to decide I was keeping them although getting the bass right may prove tricky.
2.5 speakers, with cheaper tweeters in frivolously engineered Chinese cabinets sitting on glass bases?