Sonus GP VS Vienna Mozart

I am looking for a pair of speaker and I can not decide which one I will get between SF GP and Vienna Mozart.I would like some advice on these speakers.Which one sound better.I have bryston 4 B ST and Theta Miles run direct to amp.
Go for the mozart. It just happened that I borrowed a pair from a friend yesterday to replace my Totem which went back to factory for service to have a listen...oh man, the Mozarts are beautiful.... I sold my B&W N-802 recently because I might get the 801 after I finish my basement listening room, the Mozart just made me thinking twice about getting another B&W's. The depth, imaging, sweetness, and richness in the midrange just blew me away!!!! Go for it.. The Sonus Faber Amati$20,000 is also on my wish list....My system consists of CAT SL1 Ultimate, Sonic Frontier Power3s, Electrocompaniet EMC1 cd player, Linn (Lingo, Micro Benz Ref cartridge, Siltech throughout) Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would second the Mozart speakers. An excellent choice. I have used them with tube and SS gear.
since I have not had any chance to audition SF Grand Piano, I cannot give you a legitimate comparison. But, I know for sure that I can recommend VA Mozart to any classical lover. One word, for me, sums up its sound: exquisite. A sweet, versatile performer. They won't disappoint you in any critical perspective, and they match well various electronics including Bryston. On the other hand, a freind of mine, with whom I share a lot of similarities in musical and sonic preference, is very high on the SF. Considering his assessment (although my memory is a bit blurry on the efficiency of the SF), it seems to me that it may not matter much whichever you go with between the SF and the VA. Those European speakers won't let you down unless you are a headbanger. Make sure you audition them before making a decision, though. :)
Mozart, if you can afford then next in line for better bass
Last week I heard a pair of Vienna Acoustics Mozart Speakers driven by a Bryston 4B and BP25 preamp at a dealer. The combination was very good. Solid imaging, reasonable bass response, clean midrange. The speaker above the Mozart, the Bethoven, was much better. A much larger speaker, but I thought a true full range speaker at a reasonable price. I would suggest that you listen to the Audio Physic Tempo before you make your decision. I think it works well with Bryston amp.
I am on the other end.... I have not heard the Viennas but have heard the Grand Piano's. They were very impressive. I do not think I have ever heard a speaker in that price range that had as big a soundstage as well as the incredible musicality we look for. They were driven by a Classe amp and although I am a tube lover I was emotionally involved.

I cannot tell you which is better, but I can tell you to listen to the Sonus Faber's. You would be doing yourself a true injustice if you pass up an audition.