Sonus Faber Wall speaker ???

I was wondering what a used pair of these should sell for....nice condition but no box,manual and they are missing the part of the wall mount that goes on the wall. The aluminum receiver for the mount is attached but no other hardware. I'm trying to help my father find matching surrounds to compliment his Concertos and Solo

I have 3 pair in a 7.1 config with a Solo. As I recall they were $1200/pair new. So you can use this as a basis.
thx....I picked them up for $375 and they are in really nice shape and compliment his fronts and mains perfectly
Good price. I use Concertino's for rears. They have the same drivers, just in a normal bookshelf box - no place to hang the Walls. When I built my theater I went to Thiel for their immediacy. I love my SF for music, but like the punch of the Thiel's for movies. Hope your father enjoys the Walls. They are the right option to mix with the Concertos when used for both movies and music.