Sonus Faber vs Wilson

I currently own a pair of absolutely gorgeous Serafino Tradition speakers. They are about 3 months old and I’ve finally got them positioned nicely in my room. They are being driven by a Gryphon Diablo 300. Great soundstage and imaging even off access. Tremendous detail and I just love the way the speakers look. I must add that it’s really important to me how all this stuff looks in my home. I love the tight fast and nuanced delivery of the Gryphon but not loving the way it looks…alas..that sound made the decision for me and I’ve hidden it away so my wife doesn’t have a coronary.

So….this brings me to my newest quandary. My local dealer has a gorgeous dedicated listening room in the lovely Biltmore hotel just minutes from my home. (Very dangerous…!) There are a pair of Wilson Sasha DAW speakers that sound…well…that sound like the best speakers I’ve heard. I absolutely HATE the way they look…and I would dread getting them up the three front steps of my home…but that sound….

Do I keep the lovely sounding and gorgeous looking Serafino’s or swap them for the ugliest best sounding speakers I’ve ever heard.? 
(There is an $18k price difference so there’s that too…!)
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Try Focal's curvaceous Utopia range.
They are so much easier on the eye than the ugly, masculine Wilsons. More musical as well.
I'm sure we all can relate. Why not enjoy what you currently have awhile? It usually takes me 9 months to a year before the shine starts wearing off a new pair of speakers and resale value isn't going to change in that time.
Depends if you prefer a design classic or glorified cigar box.
I haven't heard the Sonus Faber line in a couple of decades.  The ones I heard some time ago sounded really good to me.  However, I have been to my new favorite store in Atlanta three times this past year with my eye on a pair of Wilson speakers to replace my Thiel CS6's.  I dragged a case of records and CDs to the store a month ago and spent a day critically listening to the Alexia 2's.  They even put ARC preamps (phono too) in the room to more closely match my system at home.  I love the sound of these Wilsons.  I'm vacillating only because the Thiels come close lacking mainly the very clear strong bass of the Wilsons.  I was also waiting to buy until I installed a wood floor in my listening room.  Then two weeks ago I heard the new Vandersteen Model 7 XTRM speakers at the same store.  They sound fantastic.  Oh but the cost...
Tonywinga I don't think it is unusual that you are drawn to the Vandersteen's.  The Thiel's are time and phase correct like the Vandersteen's.  That turns out to be a big deal for me.  I put Vandersteen Quatros in my space a year ago and all I do now is shop for vinyl as I am so happy with my system.  You say the XTRMs cost..., but everyone looks at the Kento as the baby 7.  I am sure Atlanta will be happy to show them to you.  The last time I was in Atlanta they ran them with the Vandersteen M5-HP amps and the ARC front end.  It was heaven.  The combo is about the same cost as the Alexia's if I remember correctly.  I thought it may be something fun to hear on the next visit.