Sonus Faber Vs. THE WORLD

Anyone else think that Sonus Faber's particularly the Electra Amateur II are some of the most easy to listen speakers in the world? how do people compare them to B&W, Avalon, Revel and others
Boy have you entered another world. As a past owner of the Amator I, they really are better than the II's with the Dynaudio tweeter as opposed to the Scanspeak. But, then I got the Extremas and was in heaven, with the Dynaudio Esotar tweeter (some say best there is or ever was, but I wouldn't know)...or so I thought. Then I traded in the Extremas, their center channel, and the Amator I's for 1/2 pair of Amati Homage (of course I had to pay for the other half). Now my wife even sits in awe. The Amati tweeters are not as smooth as the Extremas even at twice the price, although they are hard to is the consistency across the entire spectrum that literally blows me away. Looking for a good cable for them driven by a Lev336 (did you notice how much power SF likes...and needs). Also now about the pluses and minuses of 1dB/octave crossovers. I used a REL Stadium subwoofer with the Homage and Extremas and they were a PERFECT match for the low end, but the Amati's do fine on their own. I recommend a REL of any kind with your Amator II's. I am waiting to go up the Stairway in Heaven when they release their Center Channel and regret I didn't buy the Guanerni Homages when I had my chance (for rears!, in my dreams...since I cannot afford them) I really made a deal with my wife to buy the Homage rather than a new car. All humor aside, the Sonus Faber line is not appreciated for what it with extreme passion and feeling. My wife now says she FEELS the music! and she is the typical Audiophile doubting wife. Welcome...and don't worry about what others may not know, just enjoy the Amators and enjoy the experience. (I guess I'm hooked). By the way with regard to the comparisons, I traded in B&W 802's for the Extremas and delegated the B&W Home Theater THX speakers to the Family Room. Seriousy considered the Nautilus 801's (actually like 802's better)... which have punch but no passion. The Revel Salon and Studios are truly remarkable (hard to find a flaw with) speakers, but just lack the passion of the Amatis..the Extremas..and even to some extent the Amators (when you compare the Gems). Of course, Revel found the secret of Dynaudio drivers and I did purchase the Rev. The Avalon Eicholon (sp?) is truly impressive from top to bottom as well and they are also hard to fault. It really is truly hard to put the finger on what makes 'passion'. I could go on forever, but will save that for replies. Mike Normandia
I just purchased a pair of EA II. I chose it over the Revel Gem. Like Normadia said, Revel is more mechanical than EA II. In EA II, I melt into the music. Enjoy it. Someday, when I have the $$$, I will try the Amati too.