sonus faber, vienna acoustics, proac

Hello everyone,

Currently I am using PMC FB1 and wondering if the following speakers would do a better job overall,

1.Sonus Faber Grand Piano ( or Grand Piano Home)
2.Vienna Acoustics Mozart ( or Beethoven)
3.ProAc Response D15 ( or Response 2.5)

I listen to classical music mostly, and I like neutral, smooth, non-fatigueing sound. Please don't hesitate to post your opinion. All advice welcome. Thanks.
First I want to preface this with saying I don't own any of the above speakers but did audition briefly the Grand Piano, Mozart and Beethoven when looking for speakers. Eventually went with a monitor bacause of small room.

The GPH to my ear would be the choice. The $4500 VA model Beethoven? Mozart? sounded real good to, but I still prefered the GPH. The $2500 VA model didn't impress, bass sounded disjointed from mids and highs. Also found the $1500 Bach to have the same problem.

I auditioned them with Acoustic Jazz and really felt the GPH were designed with Acoustic music in mind. Very natural presentation without sounding Hifi.

Go to You can find dozens of owner reviews there about the speakers in question.
I think the V-A Beethoven is the best choice out there for about any style of music if you have the "room" for it. If not then the Mozart work very well. However, I'm a fan a of the GPH....I think you have a very difficult decision in front of you.

I have owned most of the VA line. They do have a different setup than most speakers. They also sound bad with monster cable and B+K amps. The Beethovens are very good. I liked them better than the GHP.

i did an A-B comparision between the 2 at tweeter,and end up purchasing the beethoven..i think the VA lines are better in clarity and the faber are better in the bass.
I cannot respond as to the other two speakers - but I just purchased the Sonus Faber Conserto Grand Piano. This is different from the Home and ( I think )is not made any more. After the set up I was enthralled. My old speakers are the Thiel CS 2.2 which I liked but could never make work in my room as to soundstage and imaging. These speakers are smaller in size and only a two way design - I was worried as to the bass - well I was delighted with the low end as much as the upper end octaves. Part of the problem with the Thiels is my room - They want more space. So with the the SFGP's I now have the sound I want - As for your taste in classical - this speaker is very neutral - from what I understand the SF Home is geared more towards home theater. If you could audition the Concerto Grand Piano, you probably will hear a difference. Since I have not listened to your other speakers - I cannot comment - but I am happy with my pair.

Good luck -
Second with the Sonus Faber. VA would probably be too bright and fatigue for your taste. Try female vocal (especially ones with high highs) on these two speakers using the same gear and you'll pick SFGP. Just for kicks, you can try playing some mezzo sorprano from any opera. You'll likely want to turn the volume down with the VA or worst case, stop the cd player.
Wow,that is the first time anyone said Vienna Acoustics are bright.

Thanks guys for your advice. But so far, nobody mentioned ProAc. Is ProAc not a candidate for my taste?
I've been using 2.5s for 7 years and love the heck out of 'em. Currently use a 9 wt 300B amp in a small room (11 x 13.5) and get all the volume I need. They are musical speakers that work well with a wide variety of amps even though they are only 86db efficient. They also have a very stable and easy impedance curve and a very benign crossover phase angle, which two things are as much and maybe more important than efficiency.

I have attempted to sell them a couple of times and just seem to not be able to let go. Just a week ago I ordered a pair of Merlins and have a buyer for the ProAcs but to be honest, I tried to back out of my own deal! I am selling them but they'll be missed but I'm sure the magical Merlins will more than ease my "pain". (And my wife won't let me keep both!) The 2.5s are the definition of smooth and non-fatigueing sound, and neutral in the most enjoyble of musical ways. Check out for lots of opinion on them.

(I understand, from people whose ears I trust, that the Merlins will take that musicality to a whole other level.)
Third the Sonus Fabers. The older Concertos are more musical than the HOMES. However, I have heard the PMC's, both the TB2 and LB1 with Bryston electronics. They are sonically accurate, clean and musical as well. Moving from the FB1's to the GP's may just give you the sound you're looking for.

Cannot comment on the other 2 speakers that you've listed as I haven't heard of them.
I just replaced Vienna Strauss with D25 apart from some deep bass the Proac's smoke the Vienna's IMO
I JUST HEARD THE GRAND PIANOS AND THE CERMONA HOMMAGE THIS WEEK-END SOMEONE WAS LOOKING TO BUY THE GRAND PIANOS SO I JUST HAPPENED TO BE IN THE ROOM, LISTEN TO IT ABOUT 45 MINUTEs. Then the stand mounted cremonas were set up no comparsion the guy bought the cremonas. I don't know your budget but you should listen to the cremonas
I would anyday go for the Proac D15, this is mainly due for my bias for Proac speakers, but not fully. I believe the the d15's are better engineered and built, yes built better than even a sonus faber product. I have a pair and I can say that the veneer work on my speakers( i have a d38 also) rivals anything I have seen by any manufacturer, and the assemblu otherwise is top-notch, pure high quality british product. The down port design and the LF extension of these speaker work very well in small rooms, I have mine driven in my 11*13 bedroom by a 30wpc Linn Classik and it yeilds impressive results. But if you want the best, go for the new d25, i heard a pair and think that they might be the best sub-6000$ speaker ever! Frankly, you wont go terribly wrong with any of these speakers they are all wonderful, but in my opinion the proac edges ahead!