Sonus Faber Venere vs Revel performa 3

Looking to upgrade my Platinum Solos with another bookshelf type speaker. So far have listened to the SF Venere 1.5 and the Revel 106. Run through a Krell 300i & Paradigm subwoof.

Any opinions on the SF vs Revel??
I have the M106 and I love them. The sound to me seems extremely well balanced from top to bottom. I am driving them with a conrad-johnson Classic 2 SE pre and McCormack DNA 125 amp and it is awesome. I run them full range with a REL R305 and it's pretty amazing for a modest system.

These replaced a pair of PSB Platinum M2, which I'm still on the fence about selling because they are a great speaker in their own right.

The M106 is so good I think you would spend considerably more to better it. They are that good...

My father has a pair of Concertos which are no slouches but the Revels sound much better to me. I know it's not apples to apples with the Venere but you've heard them both.... what did you think?