Sonus Faber surprise

After years with my current speakers (gallo nucleus reference 3) I decided to try something different. Didn't really have a chance to audition a bunch of speakers nor the budget to go crazy. I've always thought that Sonus Faber sounded like something I would like so I found an old but maybe never used pair of Concerto homes. They came with the proper stands for these speakers. So I get them all set up and was really surprised to find they are substantially brighter and more energetic than my old gallos. They make a surprising amount of bass for there size but mids and highs are much brighter than I was expecting. They are not irritating in any way but not what I was expecting.  I'm still working on placement but I'm not sure what to think. Does this sound familiar to you other SF users? Any suggestions on something I can try?


So, it wasn’t the speakers? Imagine that! ;)

Emiliop, congratulations on your discovery. Yes, you are learning that within reason, i.e. operation limits, every variable is to be tried. Gain switches can be very effective in contouring the sound. I presume that if you have triode mode, you also have an alterntive mode. Also try Ultralinear vs. Triode modes. Be sure you check the Owner’s Manual for any possible combo that is not recommended, i.e. certain speakers that are less efficient in combination with settings of the amp.

I’m sure you are having fun now! It’s terrific fun to explore the different setups and to hear the outcome! Remember what I said, the performance spectrum is enormous! You still are playing in a very small slice of it. Actually, any of the types of condifgurations done with one set of gear is de facto playing in a very small portion of the performance spectrum. There are dozens upon dozens of steps in sound quality improvement available to the audiophile.

Oh, BTW, get in the habit of reading Owner’s Manuals before you use products.

Oh I did read the manual. I had determined that high gain in triode mode sounded the best to me with my old speakers so that is we're I started with the Concertos. Actually turns out that I must have been having a mini stroke or something when heard that stuff. After more experimenting and carefully listening I still think high gain in triode mode sounds the best to me. The Concertos sound better with ever hour I listen to them. 



Wow, that is interesting. Sounds like something I would do. cool looking amp.

Congradulation, enjoy the speakers!

Warm, cold, neutral?  Compared to what?  And in what circumstances? Your ears? Your room? Your reality?  Music is music  Sonus Faber speakers are special.  And they serve the music.

You're used to the sound of the previous speakers.   You'll enjoy your new ones better after a few weeks.