Sonus Faber Stradivarius

I understand that the Stradivarius was reviewed in the April issue of Hi Fi News magazine which will not be available to me where I live for at least another month.I have a pair on order due to arrive about the same time and am itching to read something about them.I am hoping that someone who has read the review could give me some idea of how they fared - I assume it was a Ken Kessler review?

It was a very good review and got his "wholehearted recommendation". He particularly pointed out it's convincing representation of a full orchestra and called it one of the world's great loudspeakers.

It also measureed quite well in the limited lab tests.

Congrats on the purchase. It looks like the key with this speaker (as most others) is making sure you set them up properly and have them in an adequate size room. Good luck.
Please post a review of your own once you recieve them. Congrats on your purchase as I have heard nothing but good things on new model! I am longtime Sonus Faber fan and owner. My wife and I are planning a trip to Italy and I am hoping to go and tour the SF Factory.

Good Listening!

For the first review (before Ken's) follow,

for multi-part report on Stradivarius and factory visit by a group of reviewers, Ken Kessler included. Was written by José Victor Henriques, Portuguese, and also appeared in a recent Stereophile issue. The review is in English...
Thanks for your responses.