Sonus faber spkrs- any comments?I

I had a real eye opener today. It was my day off and I decided to go by my local brick and mortar audio store(tweeter). Anyway this store has everything from vcr's to sonus faber spkrs which prompted me to write this post. Before I listened to the fabers I got a chance to audition the nice sounding Vienna Acoustics(Mozart,Beethoven)spkrs. Like I said nice sounding but they did not come close to the awsome sounding fabers(concertino). Holy invisible batman.These spkrs flat out vanished. They were a good 10 ft apart and get this powered by a Yamaha reciever! Incredible soundstage and very musical. Coltrane surely smiled down from heaven when the salesman put on blue train. He even invited me to bring my rig(AE-3 pre,Audible Illusions s-120 amp) to the store since they don't have a take home policy. My next spkr? Stay tuned.
I own the Concertinos, not the Home version. They have a warm and involving presentation that makes them ideal for vocals and jazz. The treble and midrange cannot be beat in their price range.
South43, Although the concertinos are very good speakers, the set-up at Tweeter could not have been the best to properly audition the VA Beethovens. To say that the Beethovens cannot come close to the Concertinos tells me that the Beethovens must have been horribly set-up. IMHO the exact opposite would be true.

I've owned both Beethovens and Concertos, so I'm familiar with both. A proper match for comparison sake would be the Concertinos vs. the VA Haydns. Just take into consideration, especially at Tweeter, the positioning they're using for the speakers you are auditioning.

Good luck, Mike.
Give the Dynaudio line a listen. The SF line was one of my
speakers of choice until the Dynaudio's toasted them.
Yes I agree the spkr set-up at Tweeter is at best ill. More show than go. However as both the VA and the Fabers are high end products I can not see Sumiko having Tweeter just set and forget. Remember these spkrs were powered by a Yamaha reciever and monster cable.(No offense to monster owners)I plan on a different set-up when I bring my rig. Any suggestions?
The Concertino Home speakers are excellent and hard to beat in my opinion. I owned a pair with the matching fixed stands for about a year. I ended up upgrading to a pair of Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors and yes, they are better speakers (in my system) than the Concertino but, I often miss a few traits of the Sonus on certain material.

When you audition them again with your set up, make sure they are 6-8 feet apart, 2ft out from the rear wall, with extreme (and I mean extreme) tow in. Also, make sure you the stands top plate is perfectfully level (this makes a huge differnce in imaging and soundstage creation) Nearfield listening (6-7ft back)will probably be the sweet spot but it will depend on the room size and the distance to the rear wall. They truly disapeared in my listening room.

Good luck! In my opinion, you cannot go wrong with them. Especially when you consider they are only $1,100.00 retail.

Thanks Chris for the info. I have to clear up something I said in reference to the VA's. I stated that I listened to the beethovens in comparison to SF's. In fact the spkrs were the bachs. My thanks to Mike for the clarity. Bret
South43 - I just recently purchased a pair of Amati's and they are really wonderful. I can't comment on the Concertino's, but if they are anything like the Amati's, I can understand why you like them so much.
me too...EXACTLY same thing happened to me...I was almost at the point of writing a check for a Vienna Acoustics Mozart....THEN-I asked if there were any others I should continue. The devilish look in the eyes of the audiophile-slaesman should've prepared me for the PURE MUSIC that poured out of the Sonus Faber Grand Piano speakers he took me to. DAY and night....made the Mozarts sound mushy in comparison.