Sonus Faber speaker cable recommendations

I am looking for experiences with speaker cables for Sonus Faber, particularly for the Electra Amator (let me know if it's a model 1 or 2.) Thanks, all!
Fatparrot: Amator II. Nordost SPM ref (none other x'pt valhalla which is terribly expensive), bearlabs, ART (*big* model, whatever), JPS SUperconductors, Siltech 8's. This is just a list of what *I* have heard and liked. As cables are system & taste dependent, pls note that:
a) I audition on classical
b) the system is a friend's, not mine (but I know it very well), and comprises YBA electronics (1 pre, Passion pwr & cdp 1).

What's your equipment and musical tastes?

I don't have Sonus Faber speakers but have tried many cables. I require a very smooth, neutral, and tightly focused soundstage. You can spend big-bucks on cables (I just bought the Siltech G5 interconnects) but you will not always get the most for your dollar spent. If you want excellent cables that compare to the best try Pure Note Epsilon, The Pure Note cables are one-tenth the retail price of Siltech and get you 98% of their performance. This company sells direct so you don't pay the dealer mark-ups.