Sonus Faber speaker boxes worth $1200 ?

Right now there is a guy in Columbus Ohio selling Sonus Faber speaker boxes and manual on ebay, asking $895.00 plus $300.00 for shipping, just for the boxes. I know it's nice to have the original boxes especially for shipping but am I missing something?  Apparently, there have been problems with insurance when expensive items packed by the seller arrive damaged. I was advised that original factory boxes solve that problem but are the original boxes really worth that much?   
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not worth it at all what a joke to even ask for that much ripoff lol
I had shipping crates made for a pair of C8 mono pre amps and a pair of MC30s in Brazil, 1976. It cost me 35.00 usd. I sold the sealed rosewood crates for 600.00, 20 years later.. The gear inside, 10 years before that.

I had water damage to my Olympica III boxes and had them replaced through my insurance.
My stereo store ordered them for me. They cost $300 each.
Boxes or Crates?  Many times it is the inner packing that is more of a priority than the external sides.
I see nothing wrong with this picture. It's a supply and demand problem. I am sure there will be someone who may pay this price if they really needed/ wanted the item. I'd rather have an option to buy something at a high and potentially unfair price than not having an option. Seller isn't forcing anyone to buy it. Thank god for free markets.