Sonus Faber , Should the Tweeter be in or out ?

I have both the Concertino's and the Concerto's and both the tweeters are off center with the bass/mid in the center position. Also front port.
I never thought about it till now but should the speaker be placed so that the tweeter is in the inside position or the outside position?
Or does it really matter and falls back to what sounds best to me.
ProAcs are supposed to have them on the inside. Not sure if SF is the same or not. Probably.

You could try both and see what you like best. That may be a more "correct" answer than what the manufacturer would say regardless.
Always what sounds best to you. In general, when you have speakers that are offset or mirror imaged, like yours, if the speakers are fairly close together you put the tweeters on the outside. Speakers farther apart, tweeters on the inside.
You could try both and see what you like best. That may be a more "correct" answer than what the manufacturer would say regardless.
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I'm with Aball. Try it both ways and decide for yourself.

Often, orienting the tweeters on the outside helps expand the width of the image, and is helpful in small to medium size rooms. Orienting the tweeters on the inside can help focus the image if image focus is considered a problem.
The offset is usually for edge diffraction effects of the baffle. Basically a centered tweeter will see edge diffraction at the same time from each side...this can cause a drop in energy at a specific set of frequencies, as the diffrated energy flows into the room and interacts with primary sound fields. (Actual time differences with respect to the wooofer caused by three or four inches of tweeter movement in a perpendicaular plane to the listener are negligiable unless you sit in a close nearfield position with speakers placed far apart, in which case you should toe-in the speakers to get correct time alignment)

Therefore is does not matter much. Most manufacturers suggest to place the tweeters closer to the inside (this way the edge diffraction is least obtrusive as it affects the room side wall reflected energy most). The ear fails to distinguish directionality of edge diffraction from the primary signal when the edge is very close to the driver itself (like in a very narrow speaker) only begins to become apparent on quite large speakers (a foot or more wide)...furthermore edge diffratcion from two equidistant edges may alert the listener to a driver location - creating certain sounds that can be claustrophobic/locked or trapped around the speaker rather than flaooting free in the soundstage.

I have no direct experience with Sonus Faber, but for example, I have seen ATC speakers in many different configurations; David Gilmour has the tweeters closer to the outside edge in his Astoria studio, Abbey Road has them on the oustide too. Whilst the BBC has them setup with the tweeters closer to the inside.

In the end, the driver spacing between left and right channel and the distance to side walls becomes the most important factor to consider. In a small room with close side walls, then place the tweeters on the inside. In a large room it doesn't matter and comes down to preference.

Of course, soffit mounting eliminates this problem altogether and a well designed grill or rounded speakers corners can help a lot too. Some designs go for triangular and other odd shaped or angled baffles, like the Avalon line of the end it is not a "big deal" whether the tweeter/mid's are closer in or out. So don't sweat about it.
Thank you for all your input. I do have a large dedicated room with angled walls, carpeting, wall coverings etc. the room is approximately 23 x 35. this 23 x 35 room is built inside another room that is 32 x 80. I did this for sound reason and it is as near perfect as you will get. Of this I use an area of about 15 x 18. Going to try reversing the tweeter positon and I think it will come down to what sounds best go with it.
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