Sonus Faber peeling leather

I recently bought a pair of SF Lilium, BNIB, and upon unpacking, found that the leather had started to peel. The dealer took them back. The dealer is having it re- wrapped but I was wondering if anyone has done this properly (not just sticking another layer over it) or does it have to go back to the factory to be done properly?
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I believe it was heat, the warehouse was not properly climate controlled, I think.

The crate was still sealed when it arrived at my home. 

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Too many brownies. 🤪
That last pic was pretty bad. 
If the dealer is having Sonus Faber replace the leather, I would not be concerned-Especially, if they can insure the rest of the speaker is working as it should.
 If an outside party is doing the work, I might be inclined to take a pass.