Sonus Faber peeling leather

I recently bought a pair of SF Lilium, BNIB, and upon unpacking, found that the leather had started to peel. The dealer took them back. The dealer is having it re- wrapped but I was wondering if anyone has done this properly (not just sticking another layer over it) or does it have to go back to the factory to be done properly?
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$65k M.S.R.P.

I wouldn't accept nothing less than a NEW pair that the dealer has to order.

Unless they were thinking of a hack glue job,I doubt there is a place in the U.S that could do such a repair. I would think the speaker would be disassembled for a new skin.

That is a sad way to be introduced to a new speaker.
I think the advice tablejockey gave is appropriate.
If Sonus Faber is reluctant, I would get my money back.
Never had peeling leather and I had Cremona auditor, Stradivari, and now Olympica 3.

Im not ok with a refurbished speaker or fixed speaker.  If it were like a year old then fine.
The only way that would happen is that somewhere along the line the speaker was exposed to too much heat causing the adhesive to liquefy.
It can be fixed rather easily but what damage was done to the rest of the speaker. No way of knowing. For that much money they can give you a new pair and fire sale the damaged ones. They have insurance. The dealers hate to do this because it is a pain in the A--. New speakers delaminating?? Tell your credit card company to get the money back if they do not give you a new pair. Defective merchandise. Do not back off!!
I would say this is a total anomaly.  I wouldn't fret it.  You will get new speakers and you will be totally happen. They are beautiful looking and sounding. I'm envious.  
I’d love to see a picture. 
I lived in south east Asia and with the tropical climate here. My cremona M is peeling as well. I am interested to know if anyone has successfully manage to restore it somehow?
Thx for the inputs and suggestions. I did not pay full retail but it was sold to me as BNIB and it was uncrated in my home.  Dealer has taken back the speakers, but gave me the option to still purchase it after refurbishment, but with no further reductions in price (since it was sold below full retail).  
As the leather has no impact upon sound reproduction, and if SF is refurbing them, why not buy them back?-especially if you got a good price.
Hi Bob
I guess it will be down to how good the refurbishment job is. I haven't seen it yet but will have a look this week. Its done locally, not by SF.

Looking at the pics that you posted, it looks like the cause of the damage to the leather was either shipping, or vandalism. Doesn't look to me to be a factory defect.
You would be a fool to accept these speakers.
I believe it was heat, the warehouse was not properly climate controlled, I think.

The crate was still sealed when it arrived at my home. 

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Too many brownies. 🤪
That last pic was pretty bad. 
If the dealer is having Sonus Faber replace the leather, I would not be concerned-Especially, if they can insure the rest of the speaker is working as it should.
 If an outside party is doing the work, I might be inclined to take a pass.
Hi everyone,
I just went to take a look at the speakers. One side was done. They were done very professionally. The fit and finish was as good as new. They used a more durable felt type material that will be more durable than leather in tropical weather where I am and the dealer will warranty the job for 10 years, so I have decided to keep them. Most SF leather will eventually peel in the tropics. Thanks for all your advice!