Sonus Faber owners--string grill cover alternatives

Most of us are having, or will have, problems with the silk strings that SF has used for decades for either their stands, or their grill covers. While there are some SF’s that don’t use this design, it still seems to be popular with many of their models. While the grill covers have a certain aesthetic appeal, this is off-set (at least IMHO) by the sagging and other problems that this design is subject to over time. So, i thought I would ask the community if anyone has come up with an alternative DIY fix that works on their SF’s..and if so, what that is?
I've had Amati Futuras and now Strads. In both cases I never took the string grills out of their packaging.  Instead I just use the "socks" that came with the speakers and cover them up when not listening.  Protects them and keeps the dust off as well.  
Placing the socks over the drivers may not be the best idea with the silk domes that some of the SF utilize. At least the string grills offer a little bit of protection, albeit not much. There is the other issue, it would be nice to have a grill that not only has some aesthetic and longevity to it, but also adds a level of protection.

 I have the Elipsa SE and don't use the string grills either. If you watch the strings, they vibrate. I believe this could have a negative effect on the sound. I keep the string grills in the packing box. The strings offer no protection. I do wish the covers were made of something soft like flannel.  

I have a pair of SF Il Cremonese acquired Jan 2018.  The silk strings began sagging on all 3 surfaces over the last 12 months.  Conversely I have a pair of Guarneri Evolutions dating from 2011 and they show no sign of sagging.  Strings are still taunt.

I was hoping that perhaps moistening them then letting them air-dry could restore them as I do with some painting on canvas when the humidity reduces their surface tension.