Sonus Faber Owners - Some Input Please

I am setting up a new stereo system for myself. Very interested in the Sonus Faber Concertinos. But,I don't know which amp/preamp components would really have them really sing. I am told they are best mactched with British made products having tube-like characteristics. Would really appreciate any amp and preamp recommedations for these speakers. (Budget is 600 to 700 on each component in used condition.)
sonus faber musica amp is a good match, designed to complement the speaker range, especially the guarneris.otherwise tube amps like ARC, Conrad Johnson etc.
Used an AR Complete integrated with the SF Concerinos and they were well mated.
Krell 300i integrated.

Despite people who insist that this combination is not good, using them with my SF Signums produces music. Period.

Your tastes will dictate how certain combinations sound to you. If you like laid-back sound, tubes may be a way to go. If you like a more aggressive sound, solid state. Depends where you are going with your system.
The Sonus Faber Musica amp is good but is does not have balanced outputs (please verify this). I use the BOW Wazoo for my Sonus Faber Grand Piano Speakers. cheers.....
I run Extremas and have owned Electors. I dont know how they match sonically with the other models but I have found Classe Audio to be a great match.
I have SF Grand Piano's with a c-j 11A and it sounds great. Try looking for a c-j CAV50 integrated.
I've had Minuetto's and Electa Amators. They both sounded great with the Krell Kav300i. I've also heard them sing with Linn amplification. Don't overlook the cables. A single run of OCOS cable was best with the Minuetto's and a double run with the EA's. OCOS and Sonus Faber are a great match.
I used to own Concertinos, and at the time had them matched with a Simaudio Moon I-5. I didn't much care for the combo when I was using DH Labs Silversonic T14 interconnects and speaker cables, but greatly preferred the sound with Analysis Plus Oval 9 SCs and Cardas Golden Cross IC. With copper cabling the Concertinos sounded warm and woody with string instruments. Nice.