Sonus Faber Olympica II Speakers

Any Sonus Faber Olympica II owners or any who've auditioned them? I listened to the III's but have not heard the II's. I cannot afford the III's and the only reason I can afford the II's is a can get them at a reduced price from an out of state dealer. One of the dealers even said the II's bass will be tighter and the speaker more transparent than the III's unless you have a lot of power running the III's. Not sure he is correct. I am running a Primaluna Premium Dialogue HP Integrated that gets about 70 tube watts with the EL34 tubes. This may be better suited for the Olympica II's as it could drive them better.

Also a question about my room size - it is about 13 x 15, not huge but not really small either. Will the II's be enough speaker for the room? I don't listen to any hard rock but regular rock, pop, jazz, and some classical. I listen on medium to medium-high levels but not blasting.

What things did you like about the Olympica II's for those that chose them and what didn't you like for those that decided with another speaker? My favorite characteristic about the III's that I heard were they were so easy on the easy yet presented a nice soundstage, enough instrument separation, and were actually quite small of a speaker in person for what it could produce. Thanks for your input as this is quite an investment. The other speakers I was looking at are the System Audio Mantra 70's but cannot get an audition for these as well. The Mantra 70s are less in cost though. Thanks!
I went to a speaker day at a local dealers a month ago. One room compared Olympica 2's with Magneplan and PMC speakers,I can not remember which models. The Sonus Faber speakers were a little more expensive, but clear winners, confirmed by other listeners in the room. They were detailed , but with a warm colour to them. Not coloured but definitely a better listen. The Olympica 3's are a lot more expensive aren't they. The dealer said they were better, particularly, as you would expect, in base extension, but I was impressed with the lower model. The 3's were not available to listen to on the day

The sound of all three is very similar. The 3 has a little more bass than the others. The 2 is slightly more detailed than the 1. While the 1 is slightly warmer than the 2. It would all depend on the rest of you system. I think they would be fine for the size of your room.

I listened to all of the Olympica's at my dealer and not in my own system. I listened to a lot of different speakers while I was searching. But I always kept going back to Sonus Faber. In the end I bought a pair of demo Sonus Faber Elipsa SE Reds. They just sound like music.
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