Sonus Faber Olympica 1

Why all of a sudden is the market flooded with these?
Beautiful speaker to look at...

Because it is, that's why.

many audiophiles ride a merry-go-round of buying/selling gear every year.
Much factors into moving up the product chain or a re-configuration of one's system.  If you spot a fine deal go for it!
Best Buy/Magnolia has stopped carrying the Sonus Faber line and their inventories are being closed out.  So these are being gobbled up with discounts as much as 50% or more off retail.  No doubt they are then being flipped.

For fun I went to a Magnolia Design Center to see for myself and was quoted $3200 for a demo pair of Olympica 1's.  All their Venere models, even new in the box, were discounted by 50%.  Make them a serious cash offer and you can probably get them less.
I love olympica series, I have the o3.  Buy it
I think the are ok but I think when they went away from the Serblin sound they lost their identity. I think that they went away from the hand crafted wood etc that made them so beautiful to look at and listen to.  What happens when venture capitalists take over a speaker company. 
Calvinj said..."What happens when venture capitalists take over a speaker company."

Or This... Some serious eye/ear candy!!! I would have to think they sound as good as they look.